Our team works with federal agencies and programs, such as CIC, CRA, EI, CPP, OAS/GIS, veteran affairs, and many others. Once an application has been submitted directly to the appropriate federal agency, our team can assist constituents in the following circumstances:

  • He/she does not receive a timely response from the federal agency and requires an update on their application
  • Important documents have been misplaced
  • He/she requires direction to appeal a decision

If you are experiencing these difficulties, please feel free to contact our office.

Please see the federal directory below for your reference.

Phone Directory

1-800-O-CANADA (1-800-622-6232)

Bureau of Pensions Advocates Canada
(866) 522-2122

Canada Revenue Agency
GST Credit: (800) 959-1953
Tax Refund Status: (800) 959-1956
General Tax Return Info: (800) 959-8281

Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation
(800) 461-2342

Canada Employment Centre (E.I.)
(800) 206-7218

Canada Pension Plan
(800) 277-9914

Child Tax Benefit
(800) 387-1193

Citizenship and Immigration
(888) 242-2100

Canada Border Services (Customs)
(800) 461-9999

Old Age Security
(800) 277-9914

Passport Canada
(800) 567-6868

RCMP (General Inquiries)
(613) 993-7267

Social Insurance Numbers
(800) 206-7218

Veterans Affairs Canada
(866) 522-2122

Natural Resources Canada
(613) 995-0947